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Samantha's Latest Release | Broken Destiny

The reviews are in, and readers are in love with Broken Destiny. Order your copy today!

Resist Me Audiobook is Coming!

Stay tuned for buy links for the audiobook of your favorite Mafia Romance, Resist Me.

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Book Bundle for The Rise of the King and The Great King for only $2.99.

Release: July 12, 2018

Release Me

Are you ready for this? #ReleaseMe

Blurb:  Yvette belongs to me.
But I can't have her. I need her. I can still feel the whisper of her lips on my body, then the illusion vanishes. My fiance Ana replaces her, a woman I never wanted, but I need her too. I need her connections to keep my promise to my father. He made me promise to take it all, to reign supreme over the four Families. I need Ana to make me King but I need Yvette to complete me. The problem is, one of them needs to Release Me.